Package includes:

Local News

Local news and community/ educational content to keep up with events in your neighborhood.

Business News

The best national and international news channels to keep everyone informed of current events.


Tune into the Weather Channel for the latest news and climate-related shows.

Special Interest

Top sports networks, regional sport programming, the Golf Channel and 60 other new, sports, entertainment and family channels.


Customize your TV programming with these optional lineups:

Big 10

Provide your patrons with comprehensive coverage of one of America’s premier collegiate conferences with the Big Ten Network.


Music Choice

Create the right ambience on sales floors, in showrooms and break rooms – and provide hold music for incoming calls — to keep your customers engaged and happy. With dozens of music channels to choose from, you'll find the music genre for any taste to enhance your business atmosphere.

International TV

Offer your patrons and employees a blend of multicultural news, sports and entertainment programming.


Tennis TV

Provide your patrons with the only 24-hour network dedicated to the professional sport of tennis, including coverage of events, health, fitness, entertainment, lifestyle and travel programming related to the sport.


SportsPass TV

Offer the best in sports programming -- including all major sports, college football, college basketball, soccer and golf -- to your guests, customers or shoppers.